Thursday 20 May 2021

Batten down the hatches ! Amber Weather warning !


We,ve had some spectacular clouds building up over the last few days and we have been issued a weather warning for severe gales and heavy rain .

Sure enough the rain came in at about 3am this morning and the wind has really begun to pick up again now .

I dashed up to the greenhouse first thing to check that it was still there ! Everything looked fine , none of the glass window panes slipping this time .

Delighted to see the enormous bud on  Epiphyllum var Lady Irene has opened !

                                      She's a real beauty ! Huge !

Out in the garden , the two newly planted Agave americana variegata are probably not enjoying the wind and lashing rain .
I hadn't really finished planting them properly . I had planted them , as in I got their roots into the ground , but they need realy sharp drainage and the roots need to be kept drier than other plants . I need to arrange the slates and flat rocks at an angle around their base to direct the rain away from the crown .
 So yesterday evening when we received the weather warning , I quickly gathered up whatever I could lay my hands on to put around them .

Even this piece of broken plastic would do for now ....and is actually doing a great job .
 When the rain stops , I have some nicer rocks to arrange around them for a more natural look . 

I had taken off the fleece I had wrapped around the tub of sweetpeas and they are really doing well , almost at the top of their wigwam with lots of buds ....I wrapped it up again !
Goodness me the garden really does need this rain , so I am grateful .
If the sun does come out , we will go for our walk along the cliffs this afternoon .

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  1. I’m glad that your greenhouse survived. One thing that our garden doesn’t need right now is more rain.