Thursday 13 May 2021

Early May update


I,m busy sowing seeds right now, it's all go!, go ! go ! I thought I,d give a little update .

So the first week of May I spent a long morning preparing a bed for sowing  Fennel , my Kale seeds  , two kinds , the lovely tall black Cavolo Nero  Kale and dwarf curly kale ,and a row of Brussels sprouts .

I,d like to be totally no-dig , but I cant afford the amount of compost I,d need to cover all of my vegetable beds . I do make as much as I can myself over winter ,seaweed is brought in , Autumn leaves , horse manure ,but it never is enough .

Also , I had to dig out some almighty weeds ! 

One bed at a time and slowly over the next couple of weeks I will get all of the vegetable beds planted up. A couple of them still have Autumn planted onions coming along nicely and leeks still to be  harvested .

Half of this bed has had a thin layer of bought in bag of compost added on top and the other half has well rotted manure . There is a small area that has had nothing added to it . It is just good old plain earth .

I,m looking forward to seeing the seeds germinating, especially the Fennel , a birthday gift from my brother .

All covered up ,to keep the pigeons off and the rabbits out .

13th May --- we,ve had some lovely rain and the Kale is germinating ! Yay !

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