Wednesday, 9 December 2020

Up early to see the Sun rising this morning


                            Up early to get outside and enjoy the sunrise !

                                            What a beautiful morning ! 

No frost this morning , a tad milder dare I say ...never the less I wrapped up warm to go up to check the greenhouse .

I have been laying sheets of  newspaper over everything in there over night and pulling it all off in the mornings this week . It just helps to trap a bit of warmth around all my cacti and succulents  . 
 For the last two nights I lit two candles in the lantern , which also helps a little bit .
This usually gets my plant collection through the winter . 

 The  Velthemia is slowly beginning to push up its flower spike . I,m thinking of bringing it in doors to enjoy on  my kitchen windowsill .
 I gather up all the newspaper sheets and being distracted by something else , I keep forgetting to do it !

This is what distracted me this morning . Marlothistella uniondalensis is smothered in buds again !  I am delighted ! This is my favourite , sweet little darling plant of all !

Time for brekkers !  Cheerio for now my lovelies ! 

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