Friday 10 January 2020

Wolf Moon Mullion 2020

 And so the lovely sunny day continued and I took many photos of the lovely flowers on my Marlothistella up in the greenhouse .

 We took a walk along the field towards the Marconi  Monument  , blue sky and sun shining , but a chilly breeze . I wrapped up warm with gloves and my scarf around my ears . So it didn't bother me .

                                            The Marconi  Monument .

 He however , didn't bring his gloves or scarf ....the wind played a tune as it blew over those little holes on his crutches !  It was so funny ! lol !
  He was glad we had come out for some fresh air , but I could see his ears turning blue , so we turned round and walked back to the car .

                              From the car we sat and watched the waves .

                              Lovely just to sit and watch them rolling in .

                                     Time for home and a nice cuppa tea !

                                                        Wolf Moon

As we came into our lane we were thrilled to see the first full moon of the year rising up over our little cottage and the vegetable garden . My photo just doesn't do it justice I,m afraid . I really hope you had a good view of her rising .

 Meanwhile up in my greenhouse the Epiphyllum ( which is meant to flower in May ) bud is swelling and I noticed that it's sepals are beginning to open backwards .
 I wonder if it will open during the night as many Epies do ?  To be pollinated by moths I suppose  .  Maybe it is responding to the Moon .
  I am going up there in a minute with my camera and torch , to light a couple of long burning night lights , to take the chill off the air ....and take a look .
 I'll let you know if she blooms !

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