Monday 13 January 2020

Red sky in the morning ......

 Red sky in the morning, shepherds warning ! Storm Brendan is on his way .

Update  --   So we have had severe gales ....but  not a lot of  rain until about 4 o'clock this afternoon ,when it rained extremely hard for about 5 minutes , it was such a deluge that you couldn't see through it ! School run time - I felt so sorry for all the children coming home from school ! 
       ...... and then it stopped , no rain , no wind .
The bad news is it's coming back tomorrow !

The other thing that is on my mind , is that all afternoon and during that roaring wind and heavy rain , we could hear someone's dog barking over and over and over again . It must be tied up outside , it sounds like it is barking "help ! help ! help !" It carried on barking non stop until just a short time ago .   So sad for this poor animal .  It is happening on a regular basis now too . Heartbreaking !
How could anyone be so cruel . Man's best friend deserves better than this , bring your dog in and give it some love !

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