Friday 11 May 2018

Veg Garden and Pumpkin Patch 2018

                            The Pumpkin Patch all ready to plant up again !
 Phew ! This is such a busy time ! I thought I,d  do a quick update for you of my Veg Garden . So I had thought I had sown pretty much everything now ... some things had come up and been pricked out and potted on . Potatoes planted , grass cut , shed re -painted , fence fixed..again ... stuff taken to the tip...meadow fertilizer on roses , shrubs and young saplings planted ..roses pruned , palm in centre of veg garden tidy and take off tatty old lower leaves , re-pot shed cleaned out and reorganized , sow more seeds  buy more compost , trim banana plants in the shed and water Dahlias to get them growing again , garden seat and picnic table set re -stained .... my birthday .. my surgeon ringing to tell me that my scan was "all good " best birthday present anyone could wish for !..for another year anyway ...

Flora Day which was amazing  this year , especially the Children's Dance of which was my little 6yr old grandson dancing for the first time ... all dressed in white , the boys so smart and the girls so pretty with flowers in their hair . Helston shops and houses all bedecked with greenery and bluebells and other flowers. The band , as always , brilliant ! 
 So yes , the Pumpkin Patch  is all ready to plant up again . I just had to prize out a couple of large weeds , give it a scattering of slow release fertilizer granules ,no digging really ,just a gentle rake over .

 The water hole in the centre still looks good and I sorted out a big piece of pig wire for the squashes to climb and scramble over , I,ll probably fix that up tomorrow .
You my remember that I only grew one Squash  last year , the Gete-Okosomin Squash. This was to keep the seed pure . This year I am growing lots of different squashes , pumpkins , courgettes and cucumbers .
 Here they are having their first "hardening off  "session on the greenhouse patio this afternoon .

 I raised them up off the ground hoping to keep the snails and slugs off ....and keeping  my fingers crossed that the bunnies would not nibble them .
 This evening I have put them into the solar shed , where it is a little bit cooler than the greenhouse .

 In the Solar shed I have started off celery, tomatoes, French beans , nasturtiums,shallots and onions , lots of Black leafed  Kale , lettuces Little Gem and Romaine cos lettuce .

              Back in the greenhouse  Opuntia buds are about to bloom .

                                              Epiphyllums too !

        New easy to put together shelving in the greenhouse , very happy with .

 Cucumbers and Butterbush Butternuts germinating sign of Cussonia spicata coming up yet ..this is my second try with these seeds .
 Two trays of pretty Tagetes Lemon Gem and Red Paprika ..I,m running out of space !

 The sweetcorn is withering away and my leeks are not so good either , no idea why..some you win , some you lose . hmmmph !
 Mangetout peas are sown... fingers crossed the mice don't eat them ...we love our Mangetout peas !

                                   The labyrinth is looking great !

.......and then a friend told me that her Runnerbeans were coming up beautifully already ....aagh ..I had forgotten to sow mine off I dashed straight away into the garden and put them in ,we had a little rain this morning , but I,d really like some more over night please save me having to haul the watering can around again . It's all go here !

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  1. You have been very busy alright and your place is a lovely hive of activity:)