Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Flower Moon

 My husband decided he needed to get away for a few days , which meant that I had to bring in all my veg seedlings and put them in the bath to keep them cool during the heatwave . We had a nice time in beautiful Dorset .....but I was so glad to get home get my veg plants which I,d grown from seed actually planted out into the garden .  This really is the wrong time of the year to go away, as everything needs watering and protection from snails and just generally watching over while the plants get settled in ...but anyway , it all worked out just fine in the end .

 So as soon as we arrived home I dashed around with my trusty wheelbarrow and got everything planted out . This year I,m growing lots of different varieties of Squash . Climbing Courgettes , Butternuts  and other interesting Squashes , Pumpkins, Cucumbers .  I,m going to relax and not bother with seed saving this year .
 By the way I hope everybody was happy with the Gete-okosomin Squash seeds that I gave away recently ?  I,d love to hear how they are doing :)

          Another Epiphyllum bud waiting to bloom up in my greenhouse .

 The Full Moon this month is known as Flower Moon , also Corn Sowing Moon .
This is the view through my bedroom window ....looks like the Farmer is sowing the field now too .

                                   Flower Moon Epiphyllum flower .

                                      Joy ! At last the rain has come !

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