Friday, 2 February 2018

Hello February - Let the Show begin !

A pleasant hour was spent rummaging through my seed box .....and now that it is all beautifully organised  it was an easy task to pull out the celery and leek seeds that I want to grow this year .

                                         Meet Nettlenog gnome !

I settled on these and got straight to work ....knowing it wouldn't take long to do .

 The sun has been shining again today , lovely blue sky . Still I wrapped up warmly .

 We bought these bags of compost simply because they were good price at Trevena Cross Nursery Breage ....I think that leek seeds don't really mind what they are grown in and will germinate very easily in pretty much anything .

It is important though that the compost will retain moisture for the water loving celery seedlings .

Sown them as carefully and as thinly as I could manage ....( probably about about 3,000 in each cell ! )   Gave them a good drink . My lovely son in law adores Celery..I grow it especially for him .

Then plenty of Leeks ...because I use them in everything , a mixture of  varieties this year and they are all mixed up in this tray/flat .
 Oh !  It feels so good to be sowing my seeds and putting my hands into the good earth again .

I wind up the little radio and leave the sleeping seeds to wake up gently to nice Classical music .

 Back indoors ....and returning to my bed with a nice hot chocolate drink  and a pile of good books to read .

                                 I will always be a Bob Flowerdew girl  !


  1. Hope you start to feel better the meantime enjoy your books. I wonder whether you would look at my latest post on Crassula Falcata and with your specialist cacti and succulent hat on, have a look, and give some advice. It would be much appreciated.

  2. Replies
    1. Hello Mark and Gaz , and I wish the same for you my friends ! :) x

  3. Your garden makes me want more space for myself to grow those lovely plants..sigh!!
    I hope the snow doesn't harm your flowers.
    Have a wonderful week ahead :)

    1. Hello Deepa , how are you ? Thankyou for dropping in again , always nice to see you ! The dusting of snow has gone and we are having rain again . The flowers are fine . Are you doing any embroidery ? I will pop over and take a look ! :) x