Saturday, 17 February 2018

Glorious Sunshine ! Mullion Cornwall

 After so much icy rain it has been wonderful to have two full days of  glorious sunshine and blue sky again !

 I ventured up to the greenhouse ...I hadn't been up there for a couple of days ..although we'd had these torrential squally showers with hail , It hasn't been so cold that I,d need to light the lantern with the 8 hour night lights .
 So horror of horror ! of the window panes had slipped (again ) and the floor of the greenhouse is flooded !
 Stress ! Husband came to the rescue and fixed the slipped glass .

At this time of the year the cacti are kept completely dry , fortunately the most precious ones are on the other side of the greenhouse .

Some of the segments have fallen off this Tephrocactus .. I,ll pot them up but I have never had much success with Tephrocactus cuttings . Any tips would be most welcome .

 Adromischus cuttings are doing well though . Spiders webs everywhere !
 While the sun is shining I have opened the windows to try and dry up the flooded floor . I have all my Epiphyllums on the slipped window side . I keep them dry through the winter too ..but they have all been drenched . They can usually take more water ..sigh ...hopefully I can pull them through .

 Then to work in the Veg garden ..tidying up really , pulling up this nasty plastic fencing . It was cheaper than chicken wire , but has disintegrated ...In fact it was splitting as we fixed it up . We are thinking about putting up a chicken wire fence that completely encloses the veg garden .

 Autumn  planted onions are ..well they are still there ..hopefully they will begin to fatten up anytime now . Under the cloche is the Perennial Kale  Experiment .

                                             Still eating Leeks and Kale .

 More work to do here . Lavender to be lightly trimmed and Sage hard cut back .


                          Off to walk the dog .....cheerio for now !

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  1. One of my greenhouse panels shattered two days ago. It's toughened glass so no nasty edges but it's something I could have done without!