Monday, 5 February 2018

Flowers in my February Garden

So here are all the things flowering in my garden today . Snowdrops ,Daffodils and the odd Primula here and there , but being a Cornish garden we also have Camellias and Osteospermums and the odd Rose and Marigold .
   However it is a bit early for Honeysuckle , which is so sweetly fragrant and also for my Pink flowering  Rosemary, which is in full flower .
   The most unusual thing to be flowering now in my garden is that pink Carnation , see bottom right...... which I picked to enjoy indoors .

So I continued walking round the garden , and spied catkins on the Hazel branches which always delight . The Snap Dragons have been flowering all through Autumn and Winter ...and then I noticed the Helebores !
  Doesn't it make you feel good !

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  1. So lovely to see all these little signs of Spring...even with frost over them, as we have here today. I have a beautiful cream Hellebore which is flowering so well.