Monday 25 December 2017

Christmas Day Mullion

 Our Christmas mass , yesterday evening at St Michael's Church Mullion ,was beautiful .
   Thankyou to Father David for coming and standing in for our dear Father James who was called back to Buckfast Abbey .
  Our church was full of cheerful people and we put out the hymn books and sang for the first time in ages !  We should put the hymn books out more often !

Today my husband is still poorly with a very bad cold , but we did venture out to take the dog for a walk along the cliffs and get some fresh air and watch the waves , before the rain came in and quite strong gales .

We have postponed Christmas lunch until husband feels well enough to enjoy it .
 Going to curl up in my armchair and read my seed catalogues . Plan what I,m going to grow next year up in the veg garden .
 We will be using the Okosomin Squashes in the next few weeks and I will sort and send out those precious seeds to those who asked me for them .  I haven't forgotten you ! :)
 I just hope there are lots of seeds inside when I crack it open !

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