Friday, 29 September 2017

Gete-Okosomin Squash 29th September 2017

I just had another peek..I cant believe how fast this is growing now ...this is looking good and I may well get some seeds to be sharing at the end of the year .

It seems that these Squashes do much better if given some support and if they get damaged in the slightest , will quickly rot . So don't touch them or you will soon see thumb prints .

 I am impressed at how vigorous and healthy this plant is ..with no sign of the mosaic virus that other Squashes and courgettes often get here in the U.K.

I would like to know from other growers of this , if the immature fruits can be eaten ?
 I  don't want to waste food , surely they must be like courgettes/zucchini ?
        I'll share the seeds when they are ready .
 Let me know if you're local and interested in trying it .
                                        Happy Harvest everyone !

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