Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Gete-okosomin Squash 19th September update

The sun shone warm up in the blue sky, after a chilly sunrise . Plenty to be done up in my veg garden , but I wanted to show you how the Gete-okosomin Squash plant is doing today .

It is escaping the keyhole enclosure ! Leaping over the chicken wire fence , scrabbling into the labyrinth .

 On the other side it clambered over the fence and here it is , scrabbling up and into a Hydrangea bush .

             The flowers are still coming , both male and female and lots of fruit !

I have raised some of the best ones up on to slabs of rock , a stool and even a chair .
 It was climbing up that tree to the right in this photo ...but I decided to take some cuttings , to see if I can get them through the Winter and get an even earlier start next year .
I doubt it, but I,ll give it a go anyway . Has anyone done this ?

Can anyone tell me how big these have to be to guarantee viable seeds inside the squash ?

 A couple of beautiful fruits still growing on the vine resting on  a stool , to keep away from the slugs and snails . I am surprised at how the slugs are so attracted by the pollen and the tasty flower petals..and I wonder if the slugs are part of the natural pollination process ?  I wonder how the slugs actually get into the flower centres , the stems being so hairy/prickly , but they certainly do, I keep finding them there !

Gete - okosomin scrabbling into the labyrinth ! By the way , the rabbits don't seem to be interested in eating it ! Maybe I didn't need all that expensive chicken wire after all !

 Here are the cuttings I took two days ago , maybe a little wilted and I did find a slug trail in there  , so I have put down slug pellets . I could not find the slug !

                                                Can you see that slug trail ? 
 This takes me back to the beginning .......remember that broken seedling stem ?

I am really hoping to get lots of seeds to share out and if these cuttings make it , I will have a good early start next year .
 The weather is becoming more and more Autumnal here , I hope we get a couple more weeks before I harvest these beautiful Squash fruits .

One more question ...can the small Gete-okosomin squash that don't make it to full size be eaten as zucchini /courgettes ? Does anyone know ?

 The weather was beautiful , sunny and warm this afternoon , not even the slightest breeze and we enjoyed coffee and chocolate ice-cream down at Poldhu Beach .

          Tomorrow's weather forecast ....yep ..clouds are already gathering .
           Rain coming for tomorrow in Mullion ...oh those slugs will be so happy !


  1. Love the pictures!! Our vegetable garden is empty, just a few plants of tomatoes left.I've moved my ginger plant indoors to see if it'll survive.

  2. Hi Debbie, the gete okosomin seems to be a squash from banana-type. I grew sometimes pink bananas and ate small (young?) fruits like zucchini. If the fruits don't smell bitter, you can eat them.

    Best regards from Germany :)

    1. Ah ! Thankyou Fritzie ..that was what I really wanted to know ! You are a star ..thankyou ! :)
      By the way I have grown the Giant Pink Banana Squash too , fun to grow . Debs