Friday, 29 September 2017

Autumn Equinox Important Visitors

 I,ve been feeling a bit poorly this week with a bad cold and toothache I,m a bit late with my Autumn Equinox post .
  We are one of the few places left in Cornwall , where you can still see fairies !
You have to sit very still for a long time and be very , very quiet ......

                    .....if you keep very ,very quiet......then you may also hear them sing .
                   I was delighted to get a couple of photos to share with you !

 Our grandson came to stay with us for the weekend and brought Parc Eglos School Helston Chester Bear with him . Chester Bear is sometimes allowed to go home with children who have been very ,very good in class all week .

 He enjoyed walking round the garden .. like a teddy bear  ...especially walking around Grandma's labyrinth ...

                                     ....oh ...well ..he did get a little bit dizzy !

                         Then into the greenhouse to see all Grandma's plants .

           Did you know that Bears can climb ? Oh ! Teddy ! Do be careful !

He climbed up to see Harry's Runner Bean Plant ..the one he brought home from school for the Summer holidays .

                    Chester Bear admiring Grandma's Gete -Okosomin Squash !

                                        Cornish Piskie watching all the fun !

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  1. A delightful post...enough squash now to feed everyone!!! Squash and lentil soup?