Monday 9 September 2013

Topiary at a Snail's Pace

The thing with topiary is that you cant create it over takes time .   I thought I would begin with this simple snail  ..... I,m happy with his head ... and I ,m happy with his trailing tail ...but still working on the swirl on his shell . Sometimes I,ve taken out too much and then have had to wait till it grows out again ...before I can begin again .
 I love the Cornish hedge he is crawling along , ancient ferns , centranthus ruber , erigeron, wall flowers, rambling roses, old pink moss roses , mesembryanthemums , osteospurnums , wild primroses and joyful pink silene .
So today I will give him a little trim and then I,m going to clear all those messy tomato plants out of my greenhouse .... a waste of money , energy , compost , water ...sickly sticky monsters flopping all over my cactus collection....out ...out .....OUT !

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