Saturday 14 September 2013

Making a Lasagne Vegetable Bed

It was about this time last year that a friend on Allotments4All  also from MereBrow Giant sent me these free giant pumpkin seeds ... ( .thankyou SO much MereBrow ! ) .... whoo hoo! , and I  began my first real trial of doing a  " lasagne bed " up in my veg garden .
 So I began straight away ... you can start this now !  Remove the weeds as best you can , then lay down newspapers , cardboard , manure , veg peelings , brittle brown branches and sticks and leaves , tea bags ,grass clippings after mowing ....  make it in layers a lasagne  !  Begin now and slowly layer it all up through the winter..and the worms will munch their way through it...if you listen can hear them crunching : )
   Then in the Spring you can just fork through it  and tumble it over will look like crumbled Christmas Pudding ..... yummy...... well..for your plants it will be anyway !

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