Thursday 5 September 2013

A Schole- House For The Needle

..... and so while I await my gold threads.... I am here doing a little lesson from a delightful facsimile of a book dated 1632 A SCHOLE-HOUSE FOR THE NEEDLE by Richard Shorleyker .

  If you love embroidery or lace making ....then you will love this sweet book .

" Gentle readers I would haue you knowe , that the diverfities of examples , which you fhall find in this Scholole-house for the Needle , are only but Patternes , which ferue but to helpe and inlarge your inventions : but for the difpofing of them into forme and order of workes , that I haue left to your owne skils and vnderftandings ; whofe ingenious , & well practifed wits , will fo readily ,  ( I doubt not ) compofe them into fuch beautifull formes , as will be able to giue content , both to the workers , and wearers of them . "

Thanks to John and Elizabeth Mason who found the original book at a jumble sale in Newport , Shropshire during the 1940's...for a few pence !.....and together with the Victoria and Albert Museum who also have a copy , put together all but the frontispiece and two pages at the end of the book complete book .
  Full of the most delightful patterns and a joy to learn and create small projects from , a joy to work my fingers the very same patterns 17th century fingers have worked !

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