Sunday 17 October 2021

Sunny days and tasks of Early Autumn - Good leaves and bad leaves


The Beech leaves are gently falling and I am gathering them up to make good compost .

These make lovely worm food , who in turn give me beautiful compost and I gather what I can for the vegetable garden .

I have filled four wheelbarrow loads now and tipped them out over the vegetable beds .

I have chicken and pig-wire around most of the vegetable beds , which will keep the leaves from blowing away .

The Runner-beans  are still growing and may even come up again next year . This mulch will keep their roots warm .I will still sow more beans next year though too . We had a good harvest in the end , but I want to do better next year .

Carrots still to harvest . Courgettes are coming to an end now , due to the decreasing day light hours really . It's been quite warm .....hmmm...  we have had one or two chilly nights though . No frost .

Spring onions doing well and I have sown some more that are coming up now in the shed .

I,ve sown some more Calendula seeds as I love their simple cheerful flowers . 

There are good leaves and there are bad leaves. These are the bad leaves ! Sycamore leaves , not so good simply because there are also millions of sycamore key seeds in with them and they germinate so easily and are so hard to pull up once they get a hold . So this lot are for the bonfire .

Then on to the next task .  I'm loving the sweet woody fragrance of the fallen leaves . This is my favourite time of the year , early Autumn , before it turns too cold  . 

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