Friday 8 October 2021

My Carnivorous Plants - Winter Care


I noticed that the leaf/traps  on my Venus Fly Trap plant are beginning to turn brown  . This indicates to me that my carnivorous plants are starting to go into their winter dormancy period .

The three plants that I have would all survive the Winter , even with snow over them I am told , but for the last two years I have brought them into the woodshed , where it still gets quite cold . I think , why make them struggle , just for the sake of a little protection ?

I have a scented pelargonium and a couple of Mesembryanthemums in this large round shallow planter and I think they will be happier in there too . They will get off to a better start next Spring .

We also have to bring in the garden seat . It makes for a lovely place to sit , in amongst my plants , while the weather is doing it's worst outside . 

The roof is clear corrugated plastic sheets , so plenty of light for my plants .

I can start off some seeds in there too and can check on them all as I come and go to collect logs for the fire . I will make sure that they do not dry out . Not as much rain water to sit in as during the Summer months , but they must not completely dry out ....and it must only be rain water .

They will die back and indeed they do need this dormancy period , but they will come back in the Spring .

               Well , they all look happy enough for now ! 



  1. I have a trio in a metal pot in my greenhouse where they do well, they do trap flying bugs, but they also have loads of fine spiders webs.

    1. Are yours the more tropical varieties Poppy ? There are some incredible looking ones out there ! Mine are just the most hardy ones and the ones that you most often find in Garden Centres and supermarkets .I have to be careful I dont get too carried away with collecting these interesting plants . Mine seem to be doing well at feeding themselves too . Aren't they the most fascinating plants ? ! :)