Monday, 8 March 2021

Pottering about and sowing a few seeds

 What a beautiful morning , Spring is in the air . I,m off into the porch to prick out and pot on my Rainbow Mini Bell Sweet Pepper seedlings .

                       They all germinated ! So I will have some to share .

It gets lots of sunshine in our front porch and so the sack of compost which I store in there is the right temperature for these pepper seedlings .

I notice a little green shoot coming on the Dahlia in the pot next to the pepper seedlings .

                                 Very excited to see that little green shoot !

                               Meanwhile Benny is on guard up in the shed .

The Leeks are doing fine . Today I have sown a couple of little trays of lettuce . Lots of different varieties  , but mainly of the Romaine type , as we love our lettuces crunchy crisp .

I,m still just thinking about sowing my Tomatoes ...... I need to think about it a bit longer .  I have my seeds waiting in the wings !  Maybe tomorrow !


  1. Replies
    1. Yes I must check out my other ones up in the shed . This is one that I especially love and I thought I,d bring on a bit early and see if I could get some cuttings off it .

  2. You've been busy :) yay for new growth!

  3. It's nice when things are starting to get going, the spirits grow along with them.