Tuesday, 2 March 2021

Poor Old Neglected Cactus !

So I was pottering about in the greenhouse  , looking for a cactus that I knew I had in there somewhere .

My brother had sent me a picture of an enormous cactus in his collection . An Opuntia consolea falcata . Huge , a veritable whopper , standing at about 5ft tall  and maybe even taller but he didn't get it all in the photo . Sadly I couldn't get the photo to upload on here . I will have another go later on . Anyway  , this is said to be quite an endangered cactus .

See this link for some more great info about Opuntia consolea falcata -


So after admiring my brothers cactus , I,m now thinking to myself , I used to have one of these up in my collection . . . . 

If I still have it , then it will probably be in the furthest back corner with all the other most dangerous Opuntias  . In the sunniest place ,but well out of harms way !

Sure enough , there it was ! You might want to look away now .

Oh dear.... not good ...half of it is all dried up and half of it has had rain dripping on it from the slipped window pane above and is now a dark green squishy segment of mush .

It looks as if I have somehow just been missing this poor thing out every time and for goodness knows how long . 

I can see a very small segment in there though , which I may be able to save !

I pulled off the mushy segment and tipped it all out to get a better look at it . 
The main plant is very dried up , but still green . 

I gently pulled the nice green healthy looking segment away and was pleased to find that it has a couple of nice looking roots .

So after a bit of a rummage about , I gathered everything I needed together to pot it up . I usually use this " Levingtons desert cactus and bonsai compost "for potting up my Epiphyllums , they romp away in this , but other proper Cacti really need to have much sharper drainage .  However , this is all I have at the moment .

I mix in a good handful of horticultural grit .

                                    He's looking much happier already ! 

                                        Hmmm ..... what do you think ? 

                                       So I potted up the other bit too !

                                          Well , you never know !