Monday 18 February 2019

Lettuces - first to germinate .

                               A few clouds at sunrise this morning .........

          ....... but soon turned into another glorious sunny day here in Mullion .

 Spring blossoms delight us in  the beautiful Coronation Park Boating Lake in Helston ,  although I am horrified ........and deeply saddened that they have pollarded the beautiful Liquid amber trees  .
                                         Moving swiftly on .....

As I walk up to the greenhouse I notice things happening in the solar shed window ..... I only sowed the lettuce seeds 8 days ago  .

A better picture from inside shows that all the Lobjoits Cos Lettuces and the unknown red variety in the middle are up....but no sign of the Little Gems .
 I think it almost certainly is because they are too far back from the window . I have sown a few more and turn the tray round..Lettuces need light to germinate and this demonstrates it very well .

 I am starting my onion sets off in modules this year , just in case that " Beast from the East " should come prowling around again . They are getting their roots down and one or two little shoots showing .

    The Swift Potatoes are looking happy beginning to sprout in their crate .

We rarely get snow here , but this was picture was taken on around the 28th February last year .
   This was the "Beast from the East "  .  It snowed very heavily here and over quite a few days..We're not used to weather like this here !

 I had begun to sow my seeds and was very worried about them....but they all came through just fine . I put the seed trays raised up on thick polystyrene sheets and one of those car window sun screens to reflect the light ..... now....I,m just thinking ..I need to dig that out and rig it up behind the seed trays again !
       I,m off to that right now and light the 8hour candles in the greenhouse to take the chill off tonight .
                                                  Cheerio  ......

                                               Berberis Darwinii

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  1. An enjoyable post and lovely pictures.
    Enjoy your weekend. xx