Tuesday, 19 July 2016

The New Plants

So here are the plants that I bought from Lower Kenneggy Nurseries Rosudgeon .
    We have starting from the one on the left . Aeonium tabuliforme , Pelargonium  " Lady Plymouth  " , Dryopteris sieboldii  which is also known as Siebold's Wood Fern  .
    My friend surprised me by giving me the amazing Aeonium tabuliforme ! Thankyou ever so much Jessica  x
 The beautiful fern is going into the Secret (untidy at the moment ) Fern Garden .
 The sack of Wild-bird seed we each grabbed a sack from Trevena Cross Nurseries  Breage , a bit further up the road , on the way home . It was reduced to £8 or so ..normally £12 or so ...and actually a very helpful young man carried them both out and loaded them into the car for us . So that's the birds sorted for the coming winter .
  Right now , put out bowls of fresh water for passing thirsty birds and other wild creatures.
     Anyway ......

 .......Pelargonium  " Lady Plymouth " is now right by the back door in my kitchen , to brush against and perfume the air .....it sits next to three plastic dinosaurs  , a very rare Clivia variegata which I grew from seed  and a red leafed Tradescantia plant .
       Yes  , that is a Tree Fern outside the kitchen window .    Yes , I know the window needs cleaning .

                                                    Aeonium tabuliforme

      A close up of the wonderful plant that Jessica bought for me  as a lovely surprise !

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