Saturday, 23 July 2016


                                    An assortment of Hydrangea blooms from my garden .

 Jessica and I were talking about Hydrangeas the other day . It not being a particular favourite of mine ......

 ......and she mentioned that she would really love to have a blue one . So I had a look around my garden and found this one  ,  which I think is a Lace- Cap Hydrangea . I have no idea of it's proper name . Maybe someone can tell me  ?

It is blue , with flashes of pink .....but mostly blue . I dont "do" anything to my hydrangeas to make them go any brighter or darker blue or pink than they already are . This one has always been blue .

 So I thought I,d get a cutting rooted for her .  If you'd like to have a go , this is what I do .
 The picture above pretty much shows  how simple it is to do . Here I have cut two  non- flowering stems of about 5 or 6 inches . I took off the lower leaves , which just sort of snap / pop off easily . I pinched out the tiny leaves at the top and cut the really large leaves in half so the plant can cope with the shock better and not wilt too much .
 This will be going back onto my kitchen window for a few weeks until hopefully a few roots appear . I will refresh the water every few days .
 I,ve also prepared another two in the same way , but put them into a pot of multi-purpose compost .
  So now we will just wait and see !


  1. You can be almost sure that the colour will change!

  2. Yes it depends on how acid or alkaline the earth in which it is planted into really .

  3. The blue one is so breathtakingly beautiful!

    I wish you a wonderful Wednesday!

  4. Looks like 'Taube' syn. 'Teller Blue'. The black-stemmed version of the plant is called 'Zorro'. The flowers will be blue in acidic soil, as opposed to pink in alkaline soil.

    1. Thanyou Andrew and WOW ......I like the sound of the black stemmed "Zorrow" : )