Saturday, 20 February 2016

Meanwhile up in my Greenhouse

We have lift off ! Germination is a wonderful thing , all helped by the pull and push of the Moon . Anyway here we have one tray of Pot Leeks and the other is Zebrune ( Banana ) Shallots .

 I sowed them a couple of weeks ago , one seed to each cell...the Pot Leeks are very slow in germinating but I can see one or two . I will be sowing some more leeks this week ..good old reliable Musselburgh  . I also like to grow Jaune de Poitou and Bleu de Solaise if I can find the space for them ...these two varieties have done well for me here in Cornwall .

The Zebrune Banana Shallots are really getting away , I,m quite excited about these , as they are said to get to onion size , have a delicious flavour and keep really well through the winter . I,m going to sow another tray of these .
 These are not very good photos , as I am taking them through the dirty glass windows of my greenhouse ....because there is not much room left for me to stand inside , it is SO chock-a-block with plants ! : )
    Cacti , Epiphyllums , S.African succulents and bulbs   ,Agave babies , Soapnut trees , Pelargoniums , the Celery plant experiment , the new Champagne Rhubarb plant I got in Morrisons for  £1 , cuttings and unknown seedlings from plant hunting expeditions : )

Voodoo Lily Update .....
The Voodoo Lily has been outside last was quite mild and rainy . Better for it to have rain water than nasty tap water . The wind has been picking up and getting quite strong this afternoon here in Mullion , so I might bring it back into the cold porch for the night .


  1. Beautiful blog!!! Following from today. Your crewel projects are very pretty.

    1. Hallo Flora , thankyou ! If you click on where it says " View my complete profile " next to the small photo of me and the tree . You can then go to my needlework and crafting journal... Cornish Piskie Stitches . Thanks for visiting : ) x