Thursday 18 February 2016

I have a thing for Aroids !

Amongst my favourite spring flowers are these delightful Arisarum proboscideums......otherwise known as the Mouse Tail Plant .
 You have to look close , in amongst those lovely green arrow shaped leaves  .

O.K. So that is not a very good picture , its a bit wet to kneel down here in my damp shade garden , but that is where they like to be .

                                 I picked a leaf and a flower ,  here ,  for you to see .
                           It looks like a sweet little brown mouse with a long curly tail .

Now here is another one I have forgotten its name , but I think it might be Arum Italicum ....let me know !         It has gorgeous patterned leaves !

Arum Lily or Zentedeshia  is just waiting for a few more sunny days , this is probably the most well known one, with its elegant  pure white flowers .
 It will collapse if we get a very severe frost , but always comes back  .
 We dont get much frost here ....but I can even turn frost to my advantage ...knowing that we were going to have an exceptionally cold night the other day , I put outside this large rock of shale that I carried up the beach at Charmouth recently .
 This was all one piece ,  pavement of the ocean floor , you can see little ammonites imprints , where they fell and died .

 Anyway over night , the frost caused it to split revealing a small piece of dinosaur bone or maybe tooth . Probably Ichthyosaur ....only a small fragment , but a very nice surprise .

                                         I wonder what else is hidden inside ?

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