Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Happy Christmas Happy Solstice

I thought you might like to see Helston,s Christmas lights today . Some times we venture out of Mullion and go into Helston Town. It wont be long before we're all getting ready for Flora Day again..when 1200 children dance the Flora Dance all through the town , all dressed in white. Flora Day is always on the 8th May except if it falls on a Sunday , so 2016 Flora Day will be on a Saturday 7th May...and I am SO excited about it as my little grandson will be dancing in it for his first time age 4 and a half ,with the children of Parc Eglos School . ( Grandma Daisy Debs did SO enjoy the Christmas School Play ,,,with all those sweet little Red Riding Hoods and Big Bad Wolves , pixies and angels , so much cuteness ... I cried all the way through it ! : )

Trying to be clever with the photos  , got into a right muddle ! Now have this big space to fill !

Helston , your  Christmas lights are beautiful and I ,m so glad you have kept Christ in Christmas !

The shop windows are all looking lovely too .

 Happy Christmas to you all !

As a Woman of the Earth I also rejoice at the returning of the Sun and the beginning of another season of productivity in my garden , especially my vegetable garden and greenhouse . Happy Solstice !

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  1. I love the Solstice too...we mark these moments Mr S and I. I watch where the sun is rising from, and see its movement as the days get longer. Amazing.