Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Labyrinth Update

So today I gave the labyrinth a tidy up. My husband has been doing it all this year while I,ve been poorly..he'd bought a new but rubbish lawnmower . I cant even see how to adjust the height on this . I do the pathway on the lowest setting and the walls on the highest setting usually , but I,m exhausted after cutting the pathway . I,m exhausted from all the walking up and down the beach at Charmouth ,carrying rocks !  Also , I forgot to tell you about the amazing Yvette Cowles  Joyful Dance - African Dance Workshop that I attended last Sunday Jamaican Reggae and Samba Reggae..beautiful African music and Afro Brazilian and fun fun fun Azonto from Ghana .Cant wait till Yvette comes again !
...So you see ....I am aching just a little bit a good way though ...and I have a dance class tonight too . I have really pushed myself this week .... everyone needs to dance..its so good for you !

 The weather ......Barney...wasn't so bad ...We had a hot chocolate ,coffee and delicious shortbread biscuits up in the Polurrian Hotel Conservertory, the wind was howling away up there , but here we are a little bit sheltered and looking around the garden , everything seems fine .

 Look !  There are flowers on my Purple Raspberry bush Glen Coe  . ....and it still has petals after Storm Barney passed through !

                    If I have any stamina left .......this is my job for tomorrow .


  1. So you are pushing yourself...and pushing this lawn mower, all for the love of your lovely labyrinth. But I can understand how you are frustrated with the lawn mower. There is so much joy in dancing isn't there...

  2. Hallo my friend , Such sadness on the news at this time heart and prayers go out to all who have lost loved ones and those who have been injured .
    Yes,dancing uplifts the soul ..and music sympathises with all our joys and sorrows .
    I have added a simple music playlist today. Preisner's Lacrimosa seemed appropriate .