Sunday, 22 November 2015

Grandma Daisy's Big Bad Wolf Costume

                                                       Grandma's new hat ?
My daughter was delighted with Teddy......and promptly announced her next request for a " Big Bad Wolf Costume " for the Parc Eglos Infant's School play .
Thankyou to

Children's Hospice South West in Helston. this project only cost me £1.50 .

So I put on my nurses apron again ....only this time the Veterinary Nurses apron..for some fairly major Wolf surgery this time .

I am told that all the little  girls are going to be Little Red Riding Hoods and all the little boys are going to be  the Big Bad Wolf.......Wolves ! : )  So they will ALL have the starring role !
I,m sure there are lots of ways of making a Big Bad Wolf costume , but,  I thought I,d share how I finally did mine....just in case anyone is stuck for ideas how to do this . Please note that this IS NOT REAL FUR !
 I made this little  silent slideshow in a bit of a hurry as I have to go out . You will also need to make him a Grandma's Pretty Mob cap , glasses and long-sleeved nightdress. Sew some more felt claws onto the ends of the sleeves and dont forget his tail !

Of course my grandchildren would know that it was not their Grandma .....This Grandma wears a coin belt and does hip drops !

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