Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Little Stag Pocket Completed

Here is the little stag , looking so much better without his tongue sticking out  .
 The St Jude Storm wasn't too bad here after all......and my greenhouse is still standing .


  1. I love your stag...such skill! Can't wait to see more. Jane

  2. Hello Daisy Debs,

    I couldn't email you direct as you are a no-reply blogger. How nice to find another embroiderer in Mullion and the creator of the labyrinths (a mystery solved LOL !!)

    1. Thankyou Nicola , I love your needlework , I see where you are now ....I,m up the other end of the village down a long muddy , country lane , in a little known , secret even , part of Mullion ! : ) lol !

  3. ThanKyou : ) Yes Nicola ,something has changed on the settings that I dont know how to fix ...sorry...but at least I seem to be getting comments on my blog again .
    I haven't done a labyrinth on the beach for quite a while now , as I am putting all my energy into the one in my vegetable garden ,..shifting rocks and planting miniature bulbs ,anemones,ferns aquiligeas . Fun !
    Thankyou Jane , I always slow down as I come to the end of a project, almost like I dont want it to finish ,I am enjoying it so much ....but I really have to finish it as one needlecase is a Christmas gift for my Mother : )