Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Little Jacobean Creature Pockets

A very useful book to have in your crewel needlework travel bag is " Crewelwork " by Jacqui McDonald from the RSN Essential Stitch Guides book collection.
 I have been dipping into it every now and then .... I have drawn with pencil, freehand, the stag and rabbit on pages 20 and 21.They are from a much larger piece of work in the Royal School of Needlework collection English 20th century .....and perfect for my needle pockets . Although a little clumsily drawn , it'll be fine for my guidelines , to stitch over .

I am looking after my daughters little dog and she has taken a particular interest in my needlework.....she thinks the Stags head looks a bit his tongue is sticking out !
  So I'll just have to unpick and do it again ....hmmph !

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