Saturday, 24 August 2013

Thought you'd like to see the little owl I am currently working on .
 For many years I have enjoyed all kinds of needlecraft , I have an old sea chest that is my needlework box (will post a pic of it for you to see later on )...even this is not big enough !
 Quilting and cross stitching ...... but always coming  back to needlepainting .
I had been working on a small section of the Bayeaux Tapestry ... using cotton embroidery threads on linen ....I finished it but felt there was something not quite right with it....then I made a medieval purse , to go with my green kirtle ...and embroidered it with wool .....and this too didn,t look right to me , I had wanted it to look authentic and simple maybe a little like a child had made it for her mother ....but it was way too crude it seemed to me .
 So this time I did abit more research and  discovered Crewel Wool  !  So how come I have not come across this before !  Of course I had been using tapestry wool ...... goodness gracious me !  I had even been spending ages trying to seperate the strands !
   So now I have alot of catching up to do ! This is definitely the medium for me !
I couldn't wait to get started , found this little owl picture on the internet , isn't he sweet ?

 Rummaging franticaly through my sea chest I find just enough of this wool to get me started . Putting out appeals to all my friends for any unwanted crewel wool ...and I am eagerly awaiting a parcel from a kind lady on Ebay .
 Oh ! Beautiful Full Moon ! You have brought in the tide of creativity !

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