Saturday, 24 August 2013

In a Medieval Mood

In July my husband had a yearning to play golf at Puckrup Hall in Tewkesbury so we timed it that we could go to the Medieval Festival .
 Very excited , I had bought my beautiful green woollen ,linen lined kirtle back in February , it fits like a glove , so comfortable  ...but I hadn't taken into consideration that it might actually be quite warm in the summer ......  and it was ...32 degrees as it turned out . So my husband took these photos in the town and Tewkesbury Abbey Herb garden very early in the morning . I dont know how they managed to do the re enactment battle in that heat !  I  bought a new handstitched linen coif from a lovely lady, which I will treasure . I enjoyed seeing the beautiful hawks ,everyone in their finest medieval clothes , chatting to fellow belly dancers , I dont remember much else as I then was overcome with heatstroke and had to go back to the hotel ...where I had been given the worst room ever....I couldn,t open the windows more than half an inch ....I flopped onto the bed and spent a few hours stitching was even too hot for my husband to play golf  !

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