Friday, 9 October 2009

Today I saw a Bat !

Whilst I was busy in my vegetable garden ,I noticed this little bat flittering about in the blue sky ! I grabbed my camera and got these pictures . There must be hundreds of bats here and we generaly see them at dusk . At this time of the year they are mating and looking for a place to hibernate . Sometimes they come out during the day for a snack...I have put on a Youtube slideshow of my pics . See my list and enjoy !


  1. We have bats here - sadly not as many as last year - but I've only seen them after sunset. But perhaps they do flit about in daylight and I've just not been observant enough.
    Great pictures!

  2. Yes I was trilled to see this one ! He was all on his own and it was a job to keep up with him. I dont really "do" Halloween , but I thought it a gentle contribution to the fun . I,ve never seen a bat so close, he was so , so sweet ! Glad that you enjoyed it too !