Thursday, 15 October 2009


I have cut into it and made slices to cling film up in tiny batches to freeze away . These I will add to give my Apple pies a delicious flavour and fragrance . The pips are now sown in compost and the pot is set outside to over winter . I hope that they will germinate next spring . BUT does anyone know which type of Quince this is ? AND Wether it will come true from seed ? Debbie : )


  1. That is a big one!
    A friend of mine has a quince bush - do they grow into trees? - its fruits are the size of plums. Don't know about the seeds but, like you, I'd give them a try!

  2. Thanks . Now you have made me think ! Maybe the quince IS a large shrub ? But this fruit is the size of an apple ! And a large one at that !

    I covered the pot with an upturned hanging basket ,to stop the birds taking these seeds . Two germinated ! Big storm was forcast ,so I moved the pot into my cold frame . During the storm one hinge of the coldframe lid came off causing the lid to slip. The neighbours cat climbed in to shelter from the rain,curled up on another seedtray (my leek babies !)In the morning it climbed out tail up and purring to greet me as cats do...and put it's paw through the upturned hanging basket snapping one of my quince babies as it sprung out ! So now I only have one. grrrr