Sunday, 18 December 2016

Fourth Sunday of Advent

I have really been trying to stay focused on what Christmas is really all about and was delighted when I found this very vintage Baby Jesus on Ebay. On the listing pictures I could see that it was very old , chipped , broken and been glued back together with sticking plaster...... would it make the journey from Ireland in one piece ?
 We waited and so looked forward for this parcel to arrive and spoke excitedly of Baby Jesus coming and maybe He was on the plane right now !
 ...... I have never been so excited about a parcel coming ...and we were not disappointed .  I cant tell you how delighted we were on opening and carefully peeling away the bubblewrap and newspaper .
 Usually we put up a Christmas Tree with fairy lights in the window which faces out into the lane , but this year I will put Baby Jesus there instead .
 Its been such a beautiful Advent .

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