Friday 24 September 2021

Mango update



                                         Remember the Mango stone ?

Here it is again wrapped up in a damp tissue inside ziplock bag for a few weeks .

On the bathroom windowsill .

It began to push up a shoot , so I potted it up and now I can see three  new leaves beginning to unfurl . 

I have taken it up to the greenhouse , where it will get more all round light . 

Today's mission is to dig up the Banana plant , because next week rain is a coming and from then on a much bigger change in the weather . Becoming colder !

I'd rather do this job now than in the pouring rain .

  See you  later !  x


  1. It's great when you find some long forgotten treasure. It takes you back to those times.

    1. Yes ! There was a small basket of old toy cars , but as I took the lid off, I spied a big spider in amongst them . So I'll get Richard to sort them out for me . OUTSIDE !!!