Wednesday, 14 April 2021

Time to .......

                                         Camellia " Waterlily" ( my favourite )
 Time to feed and prune the Camellias as the flowers are beginning to go over . I need to do this now to encourage more growth lower down , and because if I forget and do it any later then we will not get flowers next year . I don't do this every year , but these young bushes just need a little gentle restructuring .....not topiary .

 Time to give the kitchen window basket a make-over  . I save and over-winter all my Pelargoniums up in the greenhouse , but we always buy a few more too .

                                        My little heart stone collection .

                      As the Camellias fade away , my Azalea begins to bloom .

The hedgerows are looking their prettiest now with Primroses , Violets and Bluebells . Time to enjoy !

Make a note in my little book - to buy more of these to go into my Cornish hedge at the front of the cottage . 

Time to be surprised by this very early Arum Lily .....

........ and the teeny tiny Wild Strawberry flowers so sweet .

The weather is very cold at night but slowly warming up  . The birds , bees and butterflies are out and about  , the dawn chorus loud and joyful .

                                 Take time to enjoy and wonder at it all !


  1. Oh so many lovely pictures! It´s springtime in the air...
    Love from Titti

  2. The problem is that birds always seem to nest in our camellia which prevents pruning until they leave which is really too late.

  3. You make an excellent point , but in this case , these are very young and spindly Camellia plants and easy to see there were no nesting birds amongst them fact they were so spindly and "open" that there was no place to balance a nest !
    Hopefully there will be some nice bushy Camellias for my birdies next year Sue .