Thursday, 13 August 2020

Cornish Choughs at Mullion again !

Whilst out on our walk along the cliffs of Mullion , I saw two Cornish Choughs fly up and over the Cornish Hedge  . Camera at the ready ! I ran and crept up behind the hedge and was delighted to see that they had landed right on the footpath just on the other side !

                         So happy to have got so close up to them again !

 We are seeing them almost everyday now . Seven is the most we,ve counted , but very often just this pair . They have rings on both legs .
I watched them for quite a long while , as they were pecking about in the grass .
 Then they suddenly flew off angrily over the cliffs and sea , squawking and chasing a crow out of their territory .
  You can click on my picture to enlarge them slightly .
  We didn't walk so far today as it is so hot !
The storms that were forecast haven't  happened here yet and it is feeling so  uncomfortable  . I would like some rain for my vegetable garden and to refill my water-butts and a little thunder and lightening to help clear the air and help banish  my headache .  . . . but it's made my day to see the Cornish  Coughs again and so close up !  :)

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