Thursday, 30 July 2020

Early Morning Baby Buzzard

    Good morning all !
 I was out the front cutting the grass and the hedge and generally having a bit  of a tidy up with my garden sheers , about half an hour ago . When I noticed  I was being watched from above in a tree ....I couldn't believe my eyes ! A baby buzzard !  He caught sight of a butterfly and tried to get it unsuccessfully , lol ! 
 Well he's been flying around screaming as they do for some time now , the nest is quite near by , a bit further  down the lane .
     I asked him if he wouldn't mind waiting there while I went in to fetch  my camera  , but he flew off up the lane .   Sigh !   I went  indoors and got my camera  and  hung it on the gate .
 I could hear it still screaming away  somewhere near by .
I carried on with my snip , snip , snipping and once again , I felt I was being watched . I turned around and there he was again sitting on the ground in the middle of the lane !
  Well , we had another chat , me and young Buzzard that is , all the while walking up to him , very slowly and cautiously , snapping away with my camera  , until he finally spread out his beautiful wings and took off .

                  He then flew towards me and off and away over my head !
 He was then too close for my camera to focus on and I was trembling with the wonder of it all !


  1. Great pictures, it's brilliant when animals allow you to photograph them. Very lucky, I always appreciate them.

    1. I was shaking so much as he took off and flew right over my head . With a row of cottages on the right side of him and a high Cornish hedge on the left of him He didn't have any choice but to fly off in this direction :)

  2. How exciting, lucky you. We had two wheeling and mewling high over the allotment site the other day. We could do with them culling a few wood pigeons. I know that’s horrible of me but we really do have too many and they devastate everything.

    1. Well it's nature's way isn't it ? This young bird is still here and we are often hearing it calling out ...yes "mewling" is the better and more correct word for that :)