Thursday 7 June 2018

Planting out my Dahlias

                Hi Birdie Girl and I are planting out the Dahlias  .

I took out the lovely red Acer and have put it temporarily into a tub ....I know it's the wrong time of the year to move shrubs and trees , but it really was suffering in such a sunny spot .  I have put a large rock/boulder in it's place ..I,m still aching from doing this ! Groan !

                     Birdie is waiting to take any grubs and worms to her nest .

We had a little bit of rain last night..but you can see the earth is still so dry .

 I have sprinkled some chicken pellets around these lovely Dahlias..I think they'll benefit from watering in and a good mulch of fresh compost  .

 I also planted  here , three Ricinus communis "Carmencita " which have gorgeous red leaves .
  I have some Cosmos to plant amongst them all ,which I have grown from seed . I just need them to get a little bit bigger though..a few more days hopefully  .
 Yes , I,m glad the rock looks o.k..I wouldn't want to move that again in a hurry !
 Off shopping with my friend to get flowers for Church .
    The sun is trying to come out through the misty is very humid .. still no sign of rain .

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