Thursday, 9 November 2017

Cactus walking , munching snails !

 First the good news..our little dog is home , doing fine and the tail is wagging again .
  Then the bad news..I,ve been noticing sluggy snail trails on some of  my cacti .

 What is going on here ? !! How can a snail walk over a prickly cactus ?
I couldn't find it it has slithered on , walked about and then slithered off and away again !

         ..and then I noticed this !  It has walked on , slithered over the top of it and eaten out just the growing tips !  Now I,m really annoyed ! Can I find the little nuisance .... no has gone and is probably in hiding..waiting to come back again later .
  It's not a very good idea  to eat my cacti Mr Snail ! Some of my cacti are hallucinogenic !
  O.k so I'll get a grip now ! I,ll have to put a couple of slug pellets into the pots .  This has really spoiled the look of the will probably put out lots of new shoots or pups now , which is wonderful that it can do that and it will take some time to recover ...but ...... I am so annoyed !

1 comment:

  1. What a **** have you managed to get it yet? Maybe a little pot of beer close by will attract it?