Friday, 28 February 2014

Mistletoe update !

                                            Something is happening !

I,ve been trying to grow Mistletoe for years with no success . Back in December 2012 , I tried again . Making a slit just under the bark and squishing the seed out from the white gooey berry...and using that goo to hold the seed in place on the branch . It sets very quickly and the seed is sheltered from the elements ( yes ....spell checker  ! elements ...not elephants ! ) under its little roof of bark .
 I tied green string around the branches on which I performed this operation , so I wouldn't forget where they were .
 Yes .... so now... look !    I can see a small green bump emerging !
 I think it might be germinating !


  1. Hello Deb - I could not reply to your comment as you are a no-reply blogger but would very much like to get together for a coffee, a chat and maybe a bit of stitching. - Nicola

    1. That would be nice ,thankyou. I have no idea what I have to do to change the settings ..sorry . I,ll drop my phone number off in your letter box when we pass next : )