Saturday, 25 January 2014

More fun !

                                I,m having such fun doing these daft birdies !

Another big storm forecast for tomorrow and it is not looking good for rest of the week either . . . more heavy rain then turning very cold . We are cancelling our trip to Charmouth till better weather .
 Bringing in logs for the wood burner , gathering fir cones and kindling .
Our new sweep , has done a superb job of laying new Cornish Slate hearth , re placing flue and refitting the wood burning stove and cleaning the chimney and climbing up onto the roof and checking it is all done thoroughly  and put a camera down it to check and show us that it is clean and safe...and fixed the new cowl on top with two strong straps  so it doesn't come off in the gales and keeps the rain and the crows out . And never was there such a clean and tidy sweep !
   Thanks Sir Sweep A lot ! You did a great job !  Sir Sweep A lot is in Helston Helston Penzance and surrounding areas .
Thanks also to Expertrees Ltd who did such a great job on our trees ( massive pine trees) ..and their link is also in the Helston Mullion Lizard area . They really know and care about trees . Thanks Tom !
 So now I,m sorting through my seeds and making plans for my garden ... I have brought in a tray of pelargonium cuttings to be sure they get through this next cold snap , I ,m pleased with them ,about 9 of them have taken root .... and I still have the original one in the greenhouse.
    Cheerio for now , keep safe and warm in this cold weather and dont forget to feed the birds  xxx


  1. Love the cheeky birds, they are are so amusing.

  2. Best thing to do in this awful weather! Hope you didn't sustain any damage in the latest storm.