Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Needle case Completed !

With Christmas fast approaching , I have really been working hard to get this little project completed which will be a gift for my mother ....and I am pleased to show it to you here .

I had to unpick the little rabbits head and re-stitch it, not sure if you can see in the other photos I,ve been posting , but it looked more like a donkey , so I just unpicked it and made his nose a little shorter . I love the way ,that with this kind of needle painting , you can just unpick and re-model so to speak .
 This Stag turned out much sweeter looking than the other one (which looked more like a Moose ! ). Mum loves all God's creatures , I know she will love these  .

....I found these gorgeous little wooden buttons in Truro Fabrics Store  the other day and thought I,d sew one inside as an extra little surprise for mum  .
I used a simple botton stitch around the edge of the felt cover , stitched a blooming fiddly loop to hold the little glass red berry bead .

 I found some maroon cord to tie around the centre of the needle case... just tied a knot and frayed out the cord to make a simple tassel . I was very pleased to find lots of pretty colours within the opened out cord , see top picture .
 As I am writing this I realise that I haven,t stitched in the scissor holder !
  It wont take long to stitch that in ....but other than that here it is completed now and ready to wrap ,n, send off in time for Christmas .
         Hope mum likes it !  : ) and enjoys gathering all her sewing bits and bobs to put inside it .


  1. I looked up your blog after you left a message on mine. So many beautiful crafted things...thank you for sharing this.

  2. I looked up your blog after you left a nice comment on mine. So many lovely things to look at, many thanks for sharing...Hope you also looked at my other blog, Mrs Mace preserves, there is a link from my main blog. I love Medieval embroidery yours is really pretty.

  3. Thankyou : ) Yes ...I am enjoying your Mrs Mace Preserves too ! I wish you a very Happy Christmas ! : ) x