Monday, 2 July 2012

How to get rid of ants .

Actually , most of the time the ants dont cause any trouble , except if they are  " farming " aphids and in this case carrying and transporting them all over your precious plants . ...but if they are seriously disturbing the roots of my veg seedlings ,then I make an ant hotel with a nice terracotta flowerpot ..which they absolutely love and quickly move in soil and all the vast family . I have tipped this one gently over so that you may see inside .... when it is full , you just slide a tile or a spade under it and gently relocate them somewhere else ,  where they wont be a nuisance .
 I had billions of the little wotsits running over my hands ,crawling up my legs and everywhere whilst I planted out the young Courgette plants . They cling on and bite ! Ow ! Ow ! Ow !

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