Monday 25 April 2011

Potato hawk

O.K. So back up in the vegetable garden . . . . my tiny spring greens need protecting from pigeons and pheasants . I have found this works .
You will need -
1 potato
1 piece of string
1 tall stick
1 seagull
1 large bead or tie a dangley thing to stop the knot slipping through the potato .
one of those giant fat tapestry needles .

Thread needle with very long piece of string . Thread on the bead , I used the dangley thing (that I found in the treasure box at the Sancreed Beacon ,thankyou to whoever put this in the box , It is being put to good use here in my garden ! )
Thread on the potato .
Next the seagull . These can easily be lured in , to a toddler in a push-chair , holding a Cornish Pasty or ice cream ....the best locations for this I,m afraid are top secret ! Only kidding ! I love seagulls ! ) I found my feathers on the beach .
So you,ll need about eight feathers , push into your potato ....some for wings.....and some for tail feathers .
Tie to the stick and plant to hang over your cabbages and purple sprouting broccoli .
The pigeons think it is a bird of prey and dont go near . It works for me !
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