Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Treasures from the past



I very often find little pieces of the past whilst digging in my garden . Last week after a heavy downpour of rain I spotted a little flint thumb scraper washed up in one of my vegetable beds . I am thrilled ! Nearby I had also found the other stone tool , although I think this one has been can see that the edge and sides have been polished . A trip to Truro museum is now on my calender . I will take all the bits that I have found this time and see if we can find out about our ancestors that lived here back in prehistory times . The Portable Antiquities Scheme is there to help with identifying your "finds" . I have just discovered their brilliant website ...with a great data base and gallery .
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  1. What might a thumb scraper be, if you don't mind me asking? Not being so worldly wise, I wonder how many thumb scrapers I have discarded over the years!

  2. Small paleolithic tool for skinning and cutting up the rabbit you caught ,for example . It is very sharp ..I suppose it could have been used for other things . A small but important piece of kit, from a time when they didn,t throw away stuff as we do today .

  3. ...........however...I am not an expert and I would love to know what the other tool is ? Anyone ?