Monday, 4 April 2016

Swallows Arrive 4th April 2016 !

April 4th 2016
 So we were driving through Nantithet when I spied a Swallow this morning sitting on a telegraph wire ! The first sighted Swallow of the year always delights me ...but I didn't have my camera with me..drat !  ..and then as we drove on towards Mullion, we see lots of Sand Martins  also returning to their usual nesting holes in the banks above Poldhu Cove .

With blue sky and the temperatures rising  in the afternoon , we decided to take the camera and get some photos of those Sand Martins ....but alas  , I only snapped one high up in the sky , see top picture .  Where did they all go  ?  These are their nesting holes . I will be making sure to carry my camera at all times from now on ....may be they'll be back tomorrow .

 I had my first chocolate ice cream of the year from the Poldhu Cafe , and watched  the people on the beach and the two surfers who were surfing too close to the rocks for my liking . The beach looked lovely and clean today and that blue sky and sunshine  made us all feel good .

 Once the Swallows arrive I feel like there's no going back , Summer is well on the way  !
                                      Next I,ll be listening out for the Cuckoo !


  1. What a lovely thought..Summer!

  2. I haven't seen any swallows here yet, but all the other birds seem to be busy building nests - in between the April showers. So difficult to photograph swallows and martins when they're flying but I'm sure I'll be trying again when they arrive this year.