Saturday, 16 April 2016

Preparing the Beanpole bed .

It has been a truly lovely day from beginning to end . All my washing dried on the line !
 Somehow I found the energy to do a few more things in the garden .

                                         I cut and tidied the labyrinth path .

                                                                Before .
Then thought to put up the beanpoles , but as always seems to happen , something else had to be done first... weeding and digging over !

 So with a buzzard circling around overhead , I grabbed my fork and filled that wheelbarrow ..which was then too heavy for me to move . So I,ll leave that till tomorrow .

                                  Well I,ve made a good start , most of the weeds gone .

                 My friend the lady blackbird gathered quite a feast to take back to her nest .

                         ........and I found a few more lovely leeks in amongst those weeds !

                               Even the moon was smiling down on us this evening .
                                              Good night and God Bless  !

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  1. Love your photos , I feel inspired now too to tackle the huge list of projects in my garden this year xxx